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Light Keepers

Beautiful Crystal Hangers to Energize Your Intentions.

These beautiful beads do more than sparkle and beautify your home or office. Light Keepers combine color energy, symbol, blessing, and intention to enhance your life by supporting you in your goals. How? The stones have been cleared and blessed to their purpose; the angels on each Light Keeper are a symbolic representation of the angels who surround and assist you as you strive to improve your life.

You can simply hang them where you will enjoy their beauty, but included with each Light Keeper is a reflection to set your intention. As you do, you will unlock the real power of these pretty strands of colorful crystals.

Available in 7 colours, each Light Keeper is a little different and made to order. About 6" long. $25

Wellbeing Light Keeper

Harmony: Clear Stone

This incredible Light Keeper energizes you on every level, featuring a crystal angel, chakra coloured crystals and beads, and charms. Everything about this beautiful Light Keeper works together to offer you a sense of joy and groundedness.

This clear crystal Light Keeper has been charged to harmonize and balance opposing energies, thereby enhancing wholeness and wellbeing. Hang wherever you need a boost of joy. Hang in a window and watch rainbows dance!

4 are available.

$25 each

Clear Light Keeper

Self-Love Light Keeper

Love: Pink Stone

The world’s heavy energies of late can wear us down, causing great pain and unhappiness that rob life of its joy and make us feel isolated and helpless.

This beautiful Light Keeper, with its lovely pink crystals, is blessed to enhance the power of love within and around you.

The Light Keeper’s chakra-coloured beads support you in all areas of life while its crystal angel reminds you that you are always blessed.

4 are available

$25 each

pink light keeper

Peace and Serenity Light Keeper

Peace: Blue Stone

The focal Caribbean-blue crystal of this Light Keeper is truly mesmerizing, bringing to mind thoughts of chairs beside the sea and drinks with umbrellas in them.

Like a vacation in the islands, this Light Keeper serves to ease stress. Its crystals and charms are charged to bring you into alignment with deep serenity.

Hang it anywhere you want to enjoy its calming blue energies, and watch for the enhanced self-expression and creativity relaxation supports.

4 are available

$25 each

peace light keeper


Light Keeper

Abundance: Green Stone

Green crystals are said to enhance prosperity, but we say ‘Abundance’ for greater blessing. This Light Keeper is charged for material prosperity, yes, but also for growth and lavish fullness in every area of life.

Hang it in a window of your home office, or one of the Feng Shui prosperity areas such as the southeast corner of your home or the nearer corner diagonally opposite your front door and expect fresh blessing!

4 are available.

$25 each

prosperity light keeper


Light Keeper

Power: Yellow Stone

There’s something about a bright, sunny day that seems to make everything better, and the clear light yellow of this Light Keeper’s focal stone has the same effect. Its sunshiny color lifts the spirit, renewing optimism and hope.

Yellow has a strong intellectual effect as well, increasing mental clarity and confidence. Without the sun, life cannot exist, so this stone has been blessed to empower your efforts for wholeness, courage, and bold right action.

4 are available.

$25 each

yellow light keeper

Purpose and Passion Light Keeper

Red Stone Passion

What is more passionate than red, the color of love and life, of romance and our blood itself? This Light Keeper has been blessed to support you in expressing – or finding – the passion of your life and understanding how that passion points you to your life purpose.

Living a purposeful, passionate life requires understanding, courage, determination, and drive; this Light Keeper is blessed to support you with these power-filled qualities.

4 are available.

$25 each

red light keeper

Healing Light Keeper

Healing: Lavender Stone

Like the flower of the plant by that name, lavender is associated with healing and wellbeing. Part of the family of purple tones, lavender’s gentle color echoes the deep spiritual connection of royal purple. It is considered to release areas of congested or blocked energies, thereby promoting a healing on all levels.

The chakra colors on this Light Keeper extend its gentle healing beyond the personal or spiritual to healing of old memories, hurts, and disappointments.

4 are available.

$25 each

lavender light keeper

Each Light Keeper is custom made and includes symbolic charms and beads. angelically inspired as Deb creates your piece.

Each hanger comes on a backing card in a clear cello envelope. A reflection is included to assist you in energizing the Light Keeper. Shipping is $5.

You can pay via Paypal or via e-transfer to [email protected]

Orders will be created on a first come first served basis and will be sent to you within 10 days.