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Angel Message 

Dear Ones,

Lost in wonder. When was the last time your heart was so filled with awe by the world around you that you were, indeed, lost in wonder?

It may seem to you that wonder is a childish emotion, a baby mesmerized by its chubby fingers, the toddler fascinated by a tiny frog. It is true that children are more acquainted with wonder than adults, jaded as you become by your knowledge and familiarity of the world around you and its workings.

But consider, are you really so familiar with the world? You understand the journey from acorn to tree, but do you understand the forces that prompt one acorn to being that journey while another languishes in the dirt? Let your eyes open, as a child’s, to the world you inhabit.

From the natural wonders of sea and sky to the technological marvels that allow this message to find its way to you, far away from a small town in Canada, there is much to call forth your sense of mystery and wonder again.  

It is important never to lose your ability to wonder, for this sense alerts you to the actions of the Creator who is your source and end. Ask us to help you spot the signs of divinity acting around you that you may be ever aware of the great Love which surrounds and supports you.