The Teachers

Who are the Teachers?

We are who we are, energies of love. This answer does not satisfy you, for you do not recognize its truth. Instead, you perceive all that is around you as flesh, as wood, as fiber, as fluid. Observing from the perspective of human understanding, which is to say incomplete information, you view the world as a collection of separate living beings and inanimate objects.

To respond to the human understanding, then, we would say we are beings of love whose purpose at this time is to assist human beings on the earth in managing their existence at a rather challenging time in your history. You wish to know whether we are what you would call angels, and we recognize that you would use that term to indicate who we are.

For you, the angels are those who are sent by loving Creator to assist you in managing the challenges of your lives from a more generous and loving perspective. The angels seek to instruct you and guide you as well as show you wherein your safety lies. As do we.

To that end, then, we offer you insight into your own nature, that of spirit, and of your purpose in this exciting life on planet earth.

About Jean

Jean has always worked with her guardian Angel, John. Prior to her enrollment in school, John was her invisible Friend. When the good sisters taught the children to become friends with their Angels, Jean understood her Friend to be her guardian and named the Angel John. Over the years, the relationship deepened and eventually Jean met her guide Asha and began learning from her as well.

Some years ago, Jean became aware that there were others who would speak with her; their energies, however, were of a vibration that was too difficult for Jean to channel and, frankly, Jean simply gave up. After her recovery from a severe illness in late 2007/early 2008, however, Jean discovered that she was easily able to work with those energies and finally the Teachers were able to speak through her.

Working with The Teachers

Jean says, “Working with the Angels is very gentle and soft, usually. Their energies are calm and when they speak through me, I feel as though I’m lying in a hammock under a summer sun. The Teachers have a more linear energy, more angular, and a movement, if you will, which is very focused and directed. When they speak, it feels much as playing tennis did when I was waiting for a serve - bouncing on my toes, ready to meet the serve.”

Deb, who assists Jean when she channels, observes, ‘The Angels come through with deep compassion and love; they speak with complete acceptance and non-judgment. The Teachers are very much teachers. They respond to questions with information as well as direction and techniques, whatever is needed. If I had to explain a difference, I’d say the Angels focus is more spiritual while the Teachers focus is more pragmatic, even though both groups are loving and helpful.”

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